How Korea Inspired the Latest Zumba® Wear Styles

Passengers aboard the World Tour Collection: welcome to the last stop! Our journey ends in South Korea, where we are bringing you some of the most Seoul-ful, colorful, expressive styles to date. Inspired by the country’s love of pop culture trends like emojis, our Zumba® Wear designers have created our very own line of illustrated icons, dubbed Zmojis! This design is exclusive to Zumba Wear, which means you won’t see it anywhere else. You’ll find these icons on Korea Collection items like loose tank tops, beanies, our new favorite tote bag, and more.

Plus, all the items in this collection come in super-breathable fabrics with dry-wicking material, so you can go from sweat session to errands while still feeling fresh.

Creative Director Melanie Canevaro tells us, “We chose Seoul as the last stop because we wanted to create pieces that were really fun and playful and perfect for the holidays. As most people start to wear their dark winter coats, we wanted to give them something colorful and bright to brighten the mood.” Watch as she shows us her favorite pieces, and don’t forget to share your styles using #ZumbaWear!